Who do we support?

Our main goal is to take those children that are held back from better life chances by financial and social constraints. Through no fault of their own there are generations of families living in the poverty trap created by limited access to extra help with education. Many hard working parents would love the opportunity to send their children for tuition but financial pressures prevent this from happening.

There are many examples of children from disadvantaged backgrounds being as capable of success at school and college if they have the correct support network in place.

Over the years we have seen childrens’ education suffer as a result of social and financial challenges, it is our belief that aiding families and children that need help to overcome these obstacles is a positive step in the right direction.

Creating better life chances for disadvantaged children

Why are we needed?

Covid 19 and School Closures

Education opportunities for low income families and their children have been further damaged by the ongoing pandemic that has led to school closures. Many of these children have struggled to access online learning and have slipped behind at school. Many adults employed within areas such as the service and retail industries have found themselves out of work.

School closures have disproportionally affected disadvantaged children

Risk of Gang Affiliation and Crime

A disproportionate number of disadvantaged children are vulnerable to being forced, or naturally fall into, gang affiliation and crime. The links between poverty and crime are well documented. By providing families with the funding for extra education opportunities The Community Education Hub hopes to enable children to have the opportunity of better life chances.

Housing and food are the priority

For many families the day to day challenges of feeding the family and ensuring that their children have a roof over their head often means that their is very little money left for funding education outisde of the normal school day.

The Community Education Hub wants to change this.

Food banks and poverty