Alex Bishop founder of The Community Education Hub

Alex Bishop

Director and Founder of The Community Education Hub

Whilst working in the private tuition sector for many years it has been my absolute pleasure to see hundreds of children being able to improve their confidence in maths, English and Science – children from all walks of life, regardless of faith, colour or religion, enabling themselves to create better opportunities of gaining the qualifications they need to get on in life.

I can honestly say that having a student say ‘thank you’ for the support and experience that we had given them was easily one of the most fulfilling moments of the job.

However, I noticed a recurring theme with a lot of students who would leave, it was not because they were lazy or not making progress it was that, as a family, many parents found that they could not afford to send the children on a regular basis – we had these children, who were already on the backfoot from a social and financial point of view, who were willing to learn, after school or at a weekend and in their own time, because they knew the importance of a good education and the need for getting good grades.

The thought process behind the creation of The Community Education Hub CIC was  to create a system that supported not only the parents financially to fund tuition but, more importantly, allowed the student to continue with their studies, get the grades that they deserve and have the opportunity to enable better life chances and career opportunities.