What is The Community Education Hub all about?

The Community Education Hub is a not for profit CIC that secures funding and works directly with parents of disadvantaged children, private sector and public funding, teachers and private education providers.

Our main goal is to take those children that are held back from better life chances by both financial and social constraints. There are many clear examples of children from disadvantaged backgrounds being as capable of success at school and college if they have the correct support network in place.

We firmly believe that each individual child should have a right to a decent education and to the extra education opportunities that are out there in the private sector outside of mainstream education.

The CEH has years of experience in both private sector education and public education – we work with a number of companies that provide private tuition using fully qualified teachers, offer a bespoke learning programme in line with the national curriculum that targets gaps and builds confidence for each individual student.

The finance for disadvantaged students that is secured through grants, public and private sector fundraising is allocated to after school tuition companies that are able to provide quantitative and qualitative results and progress.

The focus is primarily on providing children, between the ages of 5-18, with access to support in the core subjects – Maths, English and Science. This enables the student easier access to college courses, apprenticeships and, ultimately, the choice to make and have better life chances and career opportunities.

The Community Education Fund fundraising for disadvantaged children