Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the CEH provide education directly? – No, The Community Education Hub is solely dedicated to securing funding for disadvantaged children, we are not an education provider.

Will I get an update on how a sponsored student is progressing? – Yes, on request, we will be able to provide you with an update on how the student is progressing with their learning.

Is there a limit on how many children I can help? – No, you can offer to sponsor as many children as you would like!

How do you know who needs the help? – All students put forward for sponsorship or scholarships will be vetted, support is given based on personal financial circumstance, commitment to attendance from both the parents and the student.

What happens if a child misses a class? All lessons are chargeable whether the student attends or not, in the event of a student missing a class due to, for example, illness or personal circumstance, then they will be offered an opportunity to take the missed class at a later date.

What if a child doesn’t attend any classes? Parent are made aware at the beginning of the academic journey that attendance by the child is compulsory. If a child persistently truants, refuses to attend or is asked to leave an education provider due to behavioural issues then funding is relocated to another student.

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